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Marie, Mum to Jack aged 19 months

"I cannot recommend Celine enough! We were struggling with our toddler's sleep habits and were at our wits' end. She was so incredibly patient and understanding, taking the time to listen to all our concerns about sleep training. She made us feel safe and very comfortable. Life changing!.


Since working with Celine our toddler's sleep habits have improved dramatically. They are now sleeping through the night and waking up well-rested and in a better mood. We cannot thank Celine enough for their help and support.


If you're struggling with your child's sleep habits, I highly recommend reaching out to Celine. She was so kind and knowledgeable and really cared about helping us get the rest we desperately needed."

Katy, Mum to Polly aged 24 months

"Life-changing! As a sleep-deprived mother, I had tried everything to help my little one sleep through the night. Thankfully, I found Celine a gentle sleep consultant. With their expertise and gentle approach, my child now sleeps soundly, and I finally get the rest I so desperately needed. I can't thank them enough!"


"I'm so happy! As a second time mom, I had resigned myself to endless sleepless nights. Then I was recommemded Celine. Her personalised guidance transformed our nights. My little one is now sleeping like a dream, and I feel so much better.Thank you, Celine for giving us the gift of sleep!"

Ayaneh, Mum to Mariam aged 14 months

"Celine came into our lives and really changed things for us. We were struggling with our toddler. From the first zoom call we could tell that she was taking the time to understand our toddlers unique needs and wasnt just giving us generic information. She would check in every few days to see how we were doing and if needed she would tweak the plan with any updated information. We cant recommend her enough!

Ayesha, Mum to Ali aged 2 years old

"We came to Celine at a low point, after almost 3 years of no sleep we couldn't carry on in the same way. We were nervous that she would suggest we leave our boy alone or cry but she listened to us and what we were willing to do and worked accordingly. Her ongoing support and availability to help, sometimes well into the evening was invaluable. The change in our toddler is so visible and everyone gets a good night sleep!

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